Property Management System (PMS)

It was a time of stress when companies had to rely on traditional, paper-based methods to coordinate their basic operational tasks.

Nowadays, we have Property Management Systems, often known as PMS that offer a cost-effective method of working using automated computer systems.

Property management systems (PMS) are computer applications that manage commercial and hotel rental properties. In most simple terms, the function of an asset managing system goal is to simplify the establishment's daily operations. Property management systems are often called hotel management systems, and most people restrict their use of hotels.

Alongside their main functions and user-friendly interfaces, Modern PMSs offer a vast selection of integration options, including mobile access, extensive options for customization, and many other features

Channel Manager

In the hospitality industry, channel management refers to managing your distribution channels online to make it easier for you to sell the hotel's inventory. A reliable Channel Manager application will update all details instantly in real-time, without any effort each time you make a booking. This Channel Manager Application gives you access to hundreds of distribution channels simultaneously.

Hotels often use this technology to increase occupancy and reservations and avoid overbooking issues in real time. Being a powerful instrument, it helps you connect your booking engine directly to distribution channels online.

This technology could be a solution and an opportunity to update real-time inventory rates across various channels.

Revenue Management System

Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing provide a proven and scientific method to dynamically manage prices, inventory, capacities, and inventories of perishable goods and services to increase profits when uncertain demand.

The system aims to manage revenue by maximizing the number of dollars you can make through forecasting market demand. Moreover, Revenue Management employs a qualitative approach to pricing and inventory. Initially, this idea was in line with the airline industry; however, since then, it's been taken on by other e-commerce store owners.

Revenue management utilizes analytics to forecast what time and where demand will occur. By analyzing past purchases and consumer behavior, they can improve their customer experience process, including price.

Booking Engine & Website

Simply put, a booking engine for hotels is a platform used on hotel websites and social media pages to process direct online reservations. Many booking engines are cloud- based, so a separate installation on your mobile device is not required.

Booking Engine is key to commission-free direct bookings to improve your property sales strategy and increase revenue. This is an extremely practical way for travelers to book reservations.

This booking tool shows the rates and availability at a moment, allowing guests to make reservations on their preferred dates. The booking engine could also be integrated into the channel Manager, which means it will be operated and managed like the OTA you connect with.

Reviews & Online Reputation Management

In the modern world of connectivity, a brand's voice isn't just determined by the brand but also through online customer feedback. So, how you manage your businesses online reputation is crucial.

Online reputation management can be a means to improve the way your customers view your company's image. It can help increase the trust of your customers, establish authority in the industry, and bring in more sales.

Reputation management software is a great instrument that helps businesses to keep track of online reviews from their clients. Businesses that aim to build brand awareness through positive user reviews can use online software to manage their reputation to record negative reviews.

Multi-Property & Chain Hotels Management

When a hospitality business grows, it becomes physically difficult for the management team to be in every place for a specific time. This is why utilizing a centralized platform is vital to administering the properties and making money from the growing variety of properties.

A set of integrated technology solutions, Multi-Property & Chain Hotels Management simplifies all aspects related to hotel chain operations. It allows you to manage housekeeping, reservations, marketing, guest engagement, delivery of inventory, and any other aspects of your hotel in one place.

Basically, it is a cloud-based platform which allows administrators to manage several properties. If the owner owns multiple properties, then the hotel chain expansion is simple to manage.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the technique to make your mark in the online world. It is like the happening cocktail which includes lots of different flavours like social media campaigns, email magic, flashy attractive ads and cool content which targets your audience and helps promote your business.

If you are someone who wants to slay your brand online then the digital marketing dance floor is the place you have to jump on. If your steps will be right then clicks are on your way!!

Now let us break down the major components of the cocktail of digital marketing

  1. SEO:- SEO stands for search engine optimization. An SEO technique is the enchanters of the web who do the magic with the right keywords and sassy content to boost your online visibility and organic traffic. SEO do the magic by impressing the search engines with the right technique so that your website can pop up like a pro in search results. Right SEO is very important for your website for touching the sky of the online world.

  2. SEM:- SEM stands for search engine marketing. SEM helps boost your brand awareness, and to attract the right traffic for your website. SEM is the digital market hero, which works in harmony with SEO and paid advertisement to make your website reach the top. Your digital journey starts with the right SEM at the right time to conquer the landscape of the online world.

  3. SEO:- SMO stands for social media optimisation. It is more like that social butterfly of the digital market. It helps in engaging your target audience by levelling up your social media game by crafting the right content. It helps in boosting your visibility by building a vibrant community of likes, shares, retweets etc. From winning the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, tweeter etc to winning the hearts of the audience, SMO is what works like magic.

OTA Management

Although there are numerous independent hotels, most advertise their accommodation through OTAs.

OTA is a channel for distribution for airliners and hotels. OTA in revenue management is implementing strategies that maximize profit and revenue in the marketplace. In other words, OTA revenue management is finding the perfect trip package for the right person at the most appropriate time or creating your own itinerary by choosing hotels, flights, and activities you'd like to have when you travel.

They are vital to the growth of hotels. In reality, they are a key component of the hospitality and travel industry, facilitating the online booking of travel packages, flight tickets, events, and car rentals.

Hotel Next Gen Website Development

Because of the extremely efficient and well-designed websites of the major tech companies shopping for and purchasing goods and services is now a snap. The problem is that travelers can now meet the same standards of personalization and convenience when making hotel reservations.

Many key elements are necessary to create an extremely competitive hotel website. It is crucially important that there be a seamless, real-time integration between the site and the booking engine.

The most modern hotels' websites pull dynamic information from the CRS and display live rates on the hotel's site. It means that customers can view the latest rates and personal information on their homepage while browsing the site and are constantly in a buying mentality.

Hotel Distribution

Your hotel has a variety of possibilities when it comes down to distribution. You can get direct bookings via your website or telephone, advertise on online travel agencies (OTA) booking sites, and utilize various other channels to expand your business. However, to increase the profits of your hotel, it's crucial to use a mix of channels that satisfy the needs of your intended market(s).

Distribution channels for hotels are the mainstay in a hotel's overall distribution revenue and sales strategy. A hotel distribution plan is a strategy to sell rooms at a profit via various channels. You obviously have 10, 20, 50, or 100 rooms that you can sell every night your hotel is open.

To achieve this, it is necessary to advertise and promote your room through online hotel distribution channels where people are likely to be looking.

Photography and Video Making

Visuals that grab our attention are captivating. We then use the focus to understand their message - and who's responsible for the content. Visuals are crucial for marketing and branding. It can help with sales, leads, and the forces that drive them.

A video is an ideal tool to utilize when multiple steps or the process involves movements. This is why video is now essential for sales, marketing training, support, and training teams.

Photography and Video Making provides a variety of perspectives and allows us to communicate with each other. It allows you to be more connected to people by using narrative and emotional connections components, which can only be achieved by audio and motion.

Technical Support

It doesn't matter if the issue is a "user" error; technical or bug is irrelevant to them. They just want it to get solved so they can return to work. Tech support is a type of communication with customers that product-oriented businesses employ to help their customers make the most of the products they offer.

Typically, this happens through live chat, knowledge bases, email, or even phone calls and is designed to resolve technical issues like problems with logins, installation issues, and other technical issues that could negatively impact user experience.

Tech support experts oversee repairs, maintenance, and support of the company's equipment and systems. They specialize in handling and resolving IT-related support issues raised externally and internally.

Hotel Presentation Management

As you know, hotel marketing and sales channels cross in varying degrees. This is a multichannel world where an excellent product presentation can benefit your direct booking and website business and those of your OTA and travel agencies channels.

Understanding how people perceive your hotel is just as crucial as looking in the mirror once every once in a while. In addition, knowing what consumers expect is the foundation for creating branding experiences and presentations that appeal to the souls of potential guests. There are various ways to save money on accurate hotel brand evaluation.

Tour Operators-Domestic/International-Inbound & Outbound

Tour operators assist travelers in planning, organizing, booking, and experiencing their travels and help throughout the customer journey from beginning to finish

Domestic tour operators create packages specifically for travelers from home traveling within their home country. They aim to increase travel within their country and offer packages to well-known destinations.

Inbound tour operators transport tourists to a country, while outbound tour operators market to travelers in their country and offer tours to international destinations.

When designing tour packages, outbound tour operators generally focus on certain areas, countries, or destinations around the globe. They collaborate with businesses in the host country to offer clients easy and complete packages.

Hotel Operations Management

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Hospitality Project Consultants

Running a hospitality Business is an art in itself. Critical timelines and paths need to be controlled and managed in detail. We have Setup Many hospitality business over the last decade, and are ready to do the next roll-out with our strategy development, checklists and action plans.

From last few years we have built up a proven track record with opening and positioning with concept designs of hospitality businesses. We will help you develop your brand online and position your concept for success. In preparation of the opening of your new hotel we develop and implement a hospitality business action plan. With our services we will position your property to become a leader in its local, to guarantee you a solid ROI.

And shouldn’t think for a moment this cannot be applied in your hospitality business. We manage a diverse international portfolio of top performing hotel companies, ranging from independent boutique hotels, luxury design hotels, beach & ski resorts, innovative hotel concepts, apart hotels, tourist apartment blocks, regional hotel firms, and even small country side / rural hotels, modern budget hotels, camping sites and holiday parks.